Thermal Center


A place of care, prevention and recovery of your most important asset: health

Our Thermal Center area offers treatments based on mature thermal mud, thermal baths, deep tissue physiotherapy, hydro-physio-kinesiotherapy, inhalation therapy.

All these treatments are organized in a personalized program, which is tailored to meet your individual needs, healing objectives and time at your disposal by our Medical Director, who then coordinates the team of highly specialized staff.

Anti-inflammatory active ingredients in Euganean thermal mud

European Patent No. 1571203 protects and guarantees the presence of numerous active ingredients in thermal mud, naturally produced during the maturing process when implemented correctly.
The scientific research carried out by the Centro Studi Termali Pietro d’Abano (Thermal Research Centre), the patent holder, has identified them and demonstrated their effectiveness in the treatment of chronic degenerative and inflammatory diseases, particularly of Osteoarticular origin.

Maturation of the mud

The Italian Ministry of Health has classified our Thermal Centre at Superior Level 1 for thermal mud-balneotherapy.
The Hotel Europa is part of the O.T.P network (Permanent Thermal Observatory) at the University of Padua, for controls on the mud maturing process and quality of the mud baths.

The mud matures in special vats at our Thermal Center over a period of approximately 3 months, due to constant contact with thermal water and exposure to sunlight, turning into a veritable natural medication, anti-inflammatory and analgesic, without potentially harmful side effects. This maturation process, which creates the cyanobacteria responsible for the beneficial actions of the mud, obtained a European patent for the therapeutic properties of thermal treatments.

It is actually one of the cyanobacteria isolated for the first time in our mature mud, ETS-05, which produces glycolipids with anti-inflammatory properties and stimulating properties that regenerate cartilage, rendering the mature mud unique. In addition, the hormonal stimulation induced by thermal treatments, and particularly the production of endorphins, helps to relieve pain.

Inhalation therapy

Thermal water turns into steam that is beneficial against diseases of the upper and lower airways, from the common cold to chronic diseases.
Our Spa center provides inhalations and aerosols from 8 am to 12 pm (noon) from Monday to Saturday.